Access Floor Systems
Wyatt’s flooring systems are designed for tough applications in industrial, commercial and residential settings.
We specify, supply and install access and computer flooring solutions for an array of applications, including industrial, commercial, financial/banking, health care, education, transportation, hospitality and residential.
Wyatt has significant experience in the application of spray-on fireproofing materials to meet specified fireproofing requirements in various types of structures.
Depending on the building type and its occupancy usage, code authorities such as the International Building Code [IBC], the Uniform Building Code [UBC], the Standard Building Code [SBC], and the Building Officials and Code Administrators [BOCA] may determine that sprayed fireproofing is required and which type of product is best for that particular project.
Each of the following fireproofing materials has specific design characteristics that meet all specified fireproofing requirements:
  • Low-, medium-, and high-density cementitious
  • Low- and medium-density mineral fiber
  • Interior- or exterior-grade material
  • Intumescent coatings
    Beaver County Community College – Monaca, Pa.
    A special scaffolding system allowed spraying of insulation on the aluminum geodesic dome ceiling of this multi-purpose facility to be completed in just six weeks.